Dog Bandana Cotton Scarf


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  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL ▶ BarkBib’s premium bandanas for dogs are made from 100% cotton for increased breathability and comfort making these the perfect dog accessories for your furry friend! These are incredibly soft to the touch and the cotton material adds extra insulation helping your dog stay warm in the winters and cool in the summers.
  • IDEAL SIZE FOR MOST DOGS ▶ Our handkerchiefs measure at 24″ x 17″ x 17″ making them compatible for most dogs. For smaller dogs (Yorkie, Terrior, puppy, etc..) roll the top a couple of times before tying around your dog and for larger dogs (Great Danes, Labs, Dalmatian, etc..) leave as is and just tie a knot at the end. Our single layer neckerchief ensures there is no unnecessary bulk added around the neck and the triangle shape was designed to make it easier to tie together.
  • 4 EYE-POPPING COLORS ▶ Give your dog a new and refreshing look with our plaid dog bandanas which come in 4 unique but timeless designs (1) Red, (1) Black, (1) Yellow, and (1) Blue. Your dog will look adorable at any occasion including holidays, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and just walking down the street!
  • MACHINE WASHABLE ▶ As dog owners ourselves we know that sometimes our little guys can get quite messy. That’s why it was a priority of ours to make our bandanas machine washable so no matter what adventure you and your dog go on you can rest assured that our bandana for dogs won’t be ruined by getting a little dirt on them. Just toss them in the washer using cold water and get rid of all the dirt, mud, and bacteria you might have come across while walking around.
  • DOUBLE STITCHED EDGES ▶ We understand that dogs are not the most careful animals when it comes to toys or accessories so we designed our product with durability in mind. Our single-layered scarfs have double sewn edges for increased durability and to ensure a longer lasting bandana than your standard single sewn edges.

Made from 100% pure cotton

Single-layered design to reduce bulk around the neck and increase breathability and comfort

4 unique and vibrant designs

Double stitched edges for added durability

Machine washable in cold water



How to Use:


These bandanas are ideal for any occasion! Being 24in in width this will fit most dog breeds and the triangle shape makes it easier to tie around the neck.

For smaller dogs – fold the top down 1in at a time until you get the desired length then tie around your dog.

For larger dogs – leave the bandana as is and tie a knot at the end of the bandana ensuring there is enough room between the neck and fabric to fit two fingers between.



Size Measurements:


All four bandanas are 24in x 17in x 17in and the height from the base to the top is 12in.

Please make sure your dog’s neck is no larger than 21in around so there will be enough room for them to comfortably wear these.

If you are unsure just send us a message and we will be glad to help you in any way we can!

Additional information


Green Santa Claus, Green Snowflake, Orange Snowflake, Red Santa Claus, Red Snowflake

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